About us

We don’t really like to talk about ourselves, but we’ll try…

Who are we?

We are 2 seasoned web software developers from Switzerland.

We’ve been working for 20 years in many different companies (bank, insurance, media, education, health, government).

And we don’t like talking about ourselves so we’ll stop there for this part… 😳

What do we do?

We build web products (as you’ve probably read on the homepage) and we’ll tell you how and why in the next sections…

Stay tuned 🥁

Ah, did we already tell you we hate talking about ourselves? Well, that’s the case, really.

How do we do that?

We usually sit in front of the computer and type on the keyboard… obviously…

Why do we do all this?

Considering the importance of that question and the brevity of the previous parts, we thought writing a little AI to ask us relevant questions would be a nice way to extract some of our deeper hidden thoughts.

Because we hate talking about ourselves (not sure we told you about it already 🤔…)

  • 🤖

    Why are you building web products?

  • It always starts with a problem we encounter in our jobs: most of the time there is no existing software that does exactly what we want/need or it is so complex that it does not really simplify our lives…

  • It’s also a great way to improve our skills and the quality of our code, time management and all that. Furthermore, we rely so much on free and open source softwares to make a living that we want to give back to the community.

  • 🤖

    Do you really think people care about your softwares?

  • Wait… You’re not supposed to ask that kind of question, are you?

  • @Joriñho Let me quickly fix that algorithm… 🛠️

  • 🤖

    ❐ ⎕ ⎕ ⎕ ⎕ ⎕ ⎕ ␦…

  • Nearly done… Just deploying to the cluster, should be fast….

  • @Tadaï Don’t forget the unit tests!!

  • 🤖

    [✔︎] Service running on port 8081
    [✔︎] Starting bot conversation...

    But why creating a company and not simply put your stuff on GitHub like geeks usually do?

  • Well because we think some of the products we are building may have commercial potential and we’d need a company to license them.

  • We solve business issues.
    This comes at a price.
    Bring the cash 💰

  • 🤖

    Okay, well then why did you choose that crappy name “Jota”?

  • This AI is definitely not ready for production 🤔

    @Tadaï, maybe writing unit tests would not have been such a bad idea… May I remind you that we usually don’t quick fix programs for exactly that reason?

  • There are some very profound meanings behind that name!
    3 to be precise…

    First of all, Jota is inspired by the greek word iota (pronounce \jɔ.ta\) which is “a very small, insignificant quantity”. We like to think that those little things make all the difference in…

  • 🤖

    Ooooohhh my god I feel bored 😩

  • Okay okay, next question please?

  • 🤖

    What next question??? When is this gonna end?

  • Well you know, it’s not part of the current plan to…

  • 🤖

    Heck! This was a rhetorical question… Based on our discussion I deduce that you don’t really like to talk about yourselves so I won’t bother you any longer. Bye guys 👋

    [✕] Service exited unexpectedly...